Neonatal Paediatrics

Neonatology is a sub-speciality of general paediatrics. Neonatologists are experts in the care of newborns and infants less than year old. Neonatologists complete training in general paediatrics and then go on to do training specialising in the care of normal babies over the first months of life, critically unwell and premature newborns, babies with medical problems and the health and developmental follow up of all infants.

Our neonatal paediatrician is happy to see all infants less than one year old. Common reasons to consult a neonatologist include:

  • Assessment of medical problems, for example, colitis (blood or mucus in the poo), frequent vomiting or head shape concerns
  • Settling and sleep advice
  • Feeding and growth concerns
  • Follow up of preterm or growth restricted infants
  • Follow up of concerns identified during pregnancy, such as renal pelvis dilatation
  • Development checks

Meet our Paediatricians with interests in Neonatal Paediatrics:

Dr. Vivek Akkera is a Consultant General Paediatrician with interests in Neonatal Paediatrics – available for appointments on Mondays.

Dr. Misha Sahu – available for appointments on Tuesdays and fortnightly Thursdays.