Lucy Casson

Paediatric Diabetes Educator CDE and
Nurse Practitioner

Lucy CassonLucy Casson has been a qualified paediatric nurse since 1997 and working in diabetes since 2003. She moved to Australia from England in 2005 and has been based at Sydney Children’s Hospital since then. In 2009 she completed her Masters of Nursing and has subsequently become an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner. She has extensive knowledge in paediatric diabetes management and is a certified insulin pump trainer, with almost ten years’ experience in insulin pump therapy. In 2014 Lucy won a place at the ISPAD (International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes) Science School and will be attending the annual Scientific meeting following this in Toronto, Canada, where the latest in paediatric diabetes research and technology will be presented.

Lucy provides outpatient insulin pump education at our clinic during the weekend and provides follow-up appointments on Monday and Saturday.